Our Values

Most churches say the same things about themselves. Churches are friendly, faithful, committed to their community, helping people grow in their faith, and on and on. We even said some of the same things about The First Baptist Church on this website. So we’re not all that original or different, right? Well, you’re probably right. We like to think we’re different, but maybe we’re not all that different or cutting edge. The First Baptist Church of Hampton wants to be a church that is open to work with the other faithful churches in this area. We do not pretend to be a church of leaders and we don’t really care if we’re high profile or not. But we do want to be of service to the community and to the churches around here who desire to make Christ known. We also like to have fun in what we do. Sometimes people and churches who are following Jesus become so grim in their service that they forget that it can actually be fun to do something for someone else while serving God at the same time.

Well, before we go on and on, here is the mission statement of the church and the ministry values. You decide if we’re different or not.

These five things are our ministry values:

1. First Baptist Church speaks Biblical truth and is committed to teaching this truth to those desiring wisdom and knowledge. Our teaching is Bible-based and is applied to life experiences so it is relevant. Through Gospel-based outreach, the church will make Christ and His salvation known in word and action.
THE GOAL: That every member will become comfortable making the Gospel known through service and the integrity of their lifestyle.

2. First Baptist Church is committed to prayer. Prayer is two-way communication through which God directs us into action.
THE GOAL: That every member will be committed to daily prayer as a natural part of their lives.

3. First Baptist Church worships in both traditional and modern ways. True worship brings forth a thankful and joyful heart.
THE GOAL: That every member will unselfconsciously worship God and develop lives marked by gratitude and contentment.

4. First Baptist Church believes that everyone has a ministry. Members are encouraged to volunteer for service in the church, a Christian organization or the community.
THE GOAL: That every member will express their faith through acts of service.

5. First Baptist Church is willing to work with others in the area who are committed to these principles, regardless of denomination.
THE GOAL: That this church will be regularly connected with local churches and individuals in service to God.

Now we have 5 more things that will help you understand us.  We’re about the G.O.S.P.E.L.

Giving to the community in service.

Outreach and teaching that is faithful, practical and useful.

Supporting local Godly churches as they do His work.

Prayer that leads to a deeper life and knowledge of God.

Encouraging members to use their gifts to further God’s plan for the world.

Living worship that results in a thankful, joyful tone to life.

So are we really that different? It’s up to you. We’d love to talk to you either way if you have questions or would simply like to make connection. 

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