What to expect

If you would like to know a little about the current character of the church, here it is.

We are a small church, which means that we are committed to knowing one another, helping one another and challenging one another on to greater faith. We won’t ask you to wear a name tag or stand to be recognized as a visitor, but someone will surely say hello and ask for your name.   We desire to connect to one another by developing friendships and relationships that give us permission to carry one another’s burdens, share in successes and celebrate happiness together.

We do this through an active series of church ministries, fellowship times, Bible studies and the special type of community that exists only in smaller churches. The family of the First Baptist Church is friendly and open.

If we were forced to classify ourselves, we would say we are a traditional church with contemporary understanding. To explain this a little: First Baptist has a sense of history (having been around for nearly 200 years). Our building is a traditional New England building and the Gospel preached inside the building is also in line with the traditional teachings of the church.

But this does not mean we are stodgy, lifeless or irrelevant. We seek to not just do traditional things, but to apply our faith and the Gospel to our lives today. We understand the times in which we live and are aware that in this fast-paced, here-today-gone-tomorrow culture, our understanding of Jesus and His teachings needs a contemporary application.

We desire to know the past so we can better understand the present. And as we understand the present we are better able to reach toward the future.

We believe that men and women can serve in the ministry of the Gospel. If you are ready to be challenged so that your faith might grow and if you are ready for meaningful teaching and application of the Scripture, the First Baptist church of Hampton is worth your while to check out.

If you are a casual person by nature, come casual. If you are formal, come formal. God has given each one of us specific gifts so that we might do works that show His glory. We welcome you.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail lowewv@gmail.com

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