When we face the tough things in life, we need hope to make it through.  This summer my family faced the terminal illness and eventual death of my father.  I love my parents, mom and dad.  Dad was home with help from hospice for 8 weeks and then he died.  I enjoyed two weeks with my family and my father when he knew he was dying.  My dad was happy.  He was able to smile and laugh.  More importantly, he had the opportunity to communicate his love for friends and family before his passing.  He became so much more loving during his last eight weeks on earth.

Then the funeral came and we laid his body in the grave.  His spirit went to be with his Savior on the day he died, but his love remains in those he left behind.  Those who believe in Jesus have hope that there will be a glad reunion either when we die, or Christ calls the church up to be with him.

This series of sermons on hope was preached during the time I knew dad’s earthly life would soon be over.  He lived longer than we thought he would.  The final sermon was preached after his funeral.

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